Kent Darwin’s work as a serious artist began in 1972 with pen drawings, which from the beginning have reflected a definite style. His artist’s vision expresses his deep fascination with nature, born of long summers spent on his grandparent’s farm in southern Arkansas. His preferred subjects are landscapes, seascapes, and flowers.

He began painting in watercolor in 1974, studying briefly with Jim Gray, a prominent Southern artist, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. In 2005 Kent began painting in Oil, studying with Francois Arenas of Grapevine, Texas, Mary Kay Krell of Colleyville, Texas, and Darnell Jones of Fort Worth, Texas.

“The gift of Art allows me, wherever I am, to see beauty in the world around me and reproduce it. Frequently scenes seem to cry out “Paint me”. It is a pleasure for him to spend time at his cabin on the Tennessee River, located in a remote area of Decatur County, Tennessee. Frequently, while he is fishing, waterskiing, canoeing, hiking, he is storing images: a stump in the inlet, the reflection of clouds in the river, rock formations in a stream bed, and shadows on a heavily wooded hillside.

He enjoys working from photographs because he isn’t limited to daylight hours. “Physically and mentally, I can immerse myself in my art for three or four hours; then I need a break. Photographs allow me to focus on detail and try to reflect what my eyes see.” Most of my commissioned drawings and paintings are from photographs.

After working for almost 33 years with 3M Healthcare Division, Kent retired in February 2001, to devote more time to his passion for drawing and painting parts of this good earth.

He has frequently donated his art to organizations for use in successful fund – raising ventures.

Limited edition prints, open edition prints, and note cards are also available.