Art for Business

Do the gifts you give communicate your appreciation or differentiate your company from others? Do they come close to bestowing and demonstrating the recognition you hope to impart?

Kent Darwin can provide affordable and unique artwork for your employees and customers that they will value for years, and the art will be a constant reminder of a meaningful experience.


The Art of Giving

Kent offers a classy alternative way to say thank you for a job well done, to acknowledge valued employees and customers, or to recognize retirements or anniversaries.

As your gift, art differentiates you and your company from others. Kent's art is given with pride and received with lasting pleasure. His art provides contemporary and traditional selections in a variety of mediums and sizes to accommodate today's budget-conscious businesses.

Kent's work has been very popular with those planning conventions for corporations

Selections include oil and watercolor paintings, pen & ink and pencil drawings, lithograph and laser prints, and note cards, ensuring that you satisfy your recipients' tastes and your budget. For more detailed information on how art can be a part of your business, please call Kent at 972-462-0074 or e-mail him at

Your Special Place

You may have a photograph of your special place on this good earth. Why not enhance you home or office with a painting of the place. Many of Kentís commissioned paintings are from meaningful photographs.